Wish Friends and Family Well with Flowers delivered at Fiona Stanley Hospital


My dad loves roses and had always grown them in his yard as long as I could remember. However, last year he and my mother moved to an apartment after they retired. They said the house was too much to keep up for them, so he had to leave his roses behind. When I heard he wasn’t feeling well and had to go to Fiona Stanley Hospital in Murdoch Western Australia, I decided to surprise him with some beautiful roses to make him feel better.

A More Convenient Way to Shop

get well arrangement

I didn’t have time to go to the flower shop in my area because it was late on Friday when I found out about my dad going to the hospital. I was a bit frustrated, but then I remembered I could order a flower delivery in Fiona Stanley Hospital on-line. I skimmed through a couple of sites before I found this Fiona Stanley florist website and noticed they could send a get well flower delivery in Fiona Stanley Hospital. I only expected them to have a couple of different arrangements available, but I was pleased to see the wide variety of selections and all the occasions for which they offered flowers.

Cheap Flowers Fiona Stanley Hospital And Prompt Delivery

I wanted to send them as soon as I could and noticed the site offered Same day delivery for orders placed before 2 pm Monday to Fridays and before noon on Saturday. I looked through the site and found an arrangement of flame tip roses that my dad would love. I hoped he got them Saturday afternoon, but honestly I didn’t think he would see the flowers until Monday. I was surprised when my mom called me and said the flowers had arrived and they were beautiful. The delivery was also free because the order was placed on-line and I saved some money.

Gift Baskets Also

gift baskets

I was so glad that I was able to send get well flowers to Fiona Stanley Hospital that the contracted florists could deliver quickly. I noticed some gourmet food baskets, well as fruit and wine gift baskets available for delivery as well. I thought they would make great gifts and send on of the gourmet food baskets to my girlfriend. We tried it that evening and I really liked the freshness and quality of the snacks.

I was so pleased with the products found on this site, I’ve already recommended it to a couple of friends. I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback about the flowers and gifts and I know I will use them whenever I need to send flowers.

Review posted by Anne W. of Mandurah Western Australia, a happy customer who ordered a flower delivery in Fiona Stanley Hospital.


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